Global Government Excellence Aims to Support Governments Achieve Excellence to Enrich their Societies, platform provides access to world-class best practices to enable governments achieve their goals.

With governments around the world constantly striving to enrich the lives of their citizens, the platform aims to support governments by providing guidance on global best practices in areas that enable them to achieve their objectives.


Government agencies today can take advantage of an online member portal for auditing their own digital channels with assessment tools and visualize best practices in a library for government KPIs with examples on how to enhance and comply these KPIs. In addition to these tools and resources, government agencies will gain access to a pool of industry experts that will aid in pulling together and putting forth the best insights in digital transformation, innovation, customer service and government communication to achieve the overall objectives.

You can contact us at info@globalgovexcellence.com for any inquires about membership 

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  • Learn about KPI’s

    Learn about KPI’s

    The platform offers you detailed Explanations with Examples for each KPI

  • Best practices and recommendations

    Best practices and recommendations

    We recommend you the best practices that helps you on your daily operation

  • Participate in the Digital Awards

    Participate in the Digital Awards

    Submit your Entry, and be recognised among the winners